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July 2013
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Our golden rules to avoid fraud

Vacation homes, tips to avoid fraud.

You often hear of internet scams in the property field: nonexistent properties, homes for rent without the consent from the legitimate home owner, properties passed off as “held” and unveiled as actual slums. There are many varying possible undesirable mishaps that can turn your vacation bitter, therefore it is wise to be careful. was created in order to facilitate the communication between parties: the process of leasing remains the responsibility of the home owner, advertiser and the tenant, that said we work on reducing problems and possibilities of fraud against people.

We have developed a system to detect possible fraud before publishing listings and we carefully verify all reports from our tenants regarding inappropriate behavior of the home owners. However, it is always advisable to pay particular attention when leasing from private owners to avoid incurring bad experiences.

We recommend CAREFULLY FOLLOWING these tips:

  • There is no single system to catch out a scammer. It is always necessary to use common sense, even more so with those who are not familiar with: "professional scam artists", and dishonest thieves who take advantage of the good faith of others, they are more or less experts in the art of deception, unable to do anything else in life.
  • Be wary of accommodation with very low prices yet spectacular photographs. It is necessary to be realistic and compare prices of similar properties to be sure that the price is "fair".
  • Check the photos of the house. Request further photos of the interior and exterior of the property if those provided in the listing are not sufficient.
  • Check the sign-up date (month and year) of the advertiser on “Older” advertisers would have already been blocked if they were scammers.
  • Request all of the advertisers information (verified landline, verified mobile phone number, name and surname etc.): they are obliged to provide you with this information. It is necessary to have a reasonable guarantee regarding the identity of the person. Usually a scammer uses an invented name and works for companies without references. Likewise for accommodation, request the exact street and number. Verify that the house "exists", you can, for example, use the service of Google Maps Street View. If the owner refuses to provide you with this information, be wary.
  • Before making a bank transfer make sure that the listing and the advertiser offer sufficient guarantees. If the owner’s IBAN or current account prove to be abroad (it is very simple to verify, check the first 2 letters) and the house is in Italy, be wary of the listing, it could be a scam. Why have an account abroad when the property is in Italy? The form of payment by means of credit card offers greater guarantees.
  • Be wary if they ask you to make payments through Postepay, Cartalis, Western Union, MoneyGram, or prepaid cards. A bank transfer is safer because there are traces of the whole transaction.
  • Ask the home owner for a copy of both sides of their identity card or passport. In order to be even safer, you can request the cadastral documents where the accommodation is registered. If they are the property owner you will see their name in the registry documents. If the property owner says that they are travelling abroad and cannot send it to you, do not trust them.
  • Never reveal any personal information or current account number, unless directly related and necessary to complete the lease of the property.
  • Be wary if the home owner tells you that they are traveling or on vacation, and that when you arrive on site they/ their representative will be there to meet you.
  • It is convenient to ask the advertiser for a signed contract with all of their data. You can provide them with one through in the section related to contractual models.
  • Keep a record of all correspondence via email and messages.
  • Be wary if the advertiser does not want to give you a landline phone number, or if they never answer.

Inform us of any possible and potential scams using thededicated form on the website or by writing to

HAVE YOU BEEN THE VICTIM OF AN ONLINE SCAM? File a police report to the fraud squad immediately
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  • No. of guests5
  • Single beds2
  • Double beds1
  • Bedrooms2
  • Rooms5
  • Size (sqm)70
  • Bathrooms1
  • WC1
  • Property TypeApartment
  • Reference1433295

Rome historical centre beautiful magical goddess ... area: (in the midst of: piazza Pantheon, piazza Venezia, piazza di Largo Argentina Tower, piazza Navona, piazza Campo dei fiori, piazza Colosseo and piazza San Pietro ... in Center of the world and available: private room with double bed for one or two people (see photo) including cleaning, in an apartment of 70 m. ..Apartment is located in the midst of all the most important squares above mentioned in the center of the world, magical Rome and is also available as a location for cinematografice productions film, fiction, photo and video shooting for advertising spots ... Is located on the first floor scala1int1 connected well with all media: taxis, trams and buses one minute from home, car sharing under railway station, 7 minutes, 10 minutes from Trastevere train station, Tiburtina train station 15 minutes from Fiumicino Airport 30 minutes, shoping via del Corso 3 minutes, shoping via Condotti piazza di 5 minutes Spain, ponte Garibaldi River Tiber 3 minutesvia Veneto, 8 minutes, 10 minutes, ZOO, many museums, restaurants, night clubs, cinema ...3 minutes ... and the SEA with beautiful beaches near SANTA MARINELLA 30-45minuti ...And available car service mercedes classe A, 5 seats with driver, Cook with excellent Mediterranean cuisine, sea trips with driver and the possibility of accommodation in the seaside resort of SANTA MARINELLA for 5 people in a beautiful penthouse with wonderful Seaview P.S. see picture on seaside penthouse link Instead to ROME to share with her owner who lives in the apartment, are available: living-room (see photo) that features lunch room, with sofa bed where wanting to have sleep two people, unaltre living room also features air condition freda and warm, two computer with internet 24 hours on 24, with fax, printer and scaner, then with satellite television, DVD player and video recorder and VHS, stereo music, three sewing machine and coffee maker to make fresh bread for those who want to, and a static bicycles at home for those who want to make sport (see photo) at the disposal of the guests.

Tips and activities

And there is also small kitchen with all accessories (a big oven and another small refrigerator and Blender for smoothies, congielatore, flinger for centrifuge, toaster for bagels and wide assortment of pots to cook any type of food especially Mediterranean home.And provide a bathroom with washing machine that washes and dries clothes, with an iron and ironing board, hairdryer hair dryer. Living room, kitchen, and bathroom are to be shared with the owner girl ... while double bedroom in Rome (see photo) and available to host private including with cleaning, with the entrance to the check-in day and exit 12 check-out at 10 am the next day. Apartment and especially because everyday and Christmas (see picture), for whom this year and managed to celebrate Christmas and new year for various reasons, for those who have never celebrated Christmas and new year's Eve in beautiful Rome or for those who simply want to holiday spending in a House which is unique in the world ...This unique opportunities ... because in this House, the center of the world, all days and magical NATALE di ROMA ... TATJANA

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